A simple and fun upgrade for your jeans! Easy to do.

With a straight stitch machine, scissors and a seam ripper you can easily upgrade your jeans to art-to-wear. Get ready for serious compliments every time you wear them!

I designed these jeans one day just for fun. After receiving compliments just about every time I posted or wore them I realized you might like to make them too!

This course is closed for enrollment.


The tutorial was easy to follow and provided great tips for working with denim. I have often wondered what to do with all the denim bits and seams from other sewing projects. I can’t wait to use the ideas I learned and create other fun and interesting items. Michelle is an enjoyable instructor. I look forward to her classes, patterns, tips and ideas. They are so user friendly, easy to understand and follow. 

- Lucy Sisson (photo pictured)

The course was a fun way to learn a new way to embellish jeans. Michelle made it simple with step by step instructions and visuals.

- Ramadasa

Michelle comes through again with a clever way to upcycle and individualize a wardrobe staple. Her upcycled jean process is both a stash-buster for those with lots of resources to hand but also a good first step for those just getting started. Fun and easy to create your own look. - Robin R. Wingo