14 free video tips including tools, getting started, refashioning techniques, upcycled gifts and more! Curious as to what upcycle / refashion sewing means? We've got you covered. Already experienced in upcycling? Add new techniques to your toolbox!

Michelle Paganini, designer and owner of Paganoonoo

Hi, I’m Michelle Paganini. Upcycle sewing instruction is my dream job! Refashioning clothing is rewarding and the creative possibilities are endless. I'm thrilled to share fun and practical things you can do as a refashioner / upcycler.

I founded Paganoonoo to support home sewists in successfully upcycling fashion. This free course is an introduction to content and my style of teaching. Enjoy!

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Upcycle Sewing Tips with Michelle Paganini

Tips for sewing, upcycling, refashioning, using vintage linens, selecting color and pattern, & more!

This course includes 14 video tips from getting started with upcycle sewing, to tools, to techniques, and gifts. Also included - links to upcycled fashion inspiration and more about Paganoonoo's line of upcycle sewing instructions.


Upcycle Sewing Tips with Michelle Paganini

Upcycle sewing tips

Vintage linen gifts!

Vintage Linen Gifts!

Find ways to put beautiful vintage linens into everyday use with practical projects. Celebrate the beautiful work of the women who came before us!

Adding Double Collars

Adding a double collar to a dress shirt gives instant flair. Harvest a collar from a dress shirt and add it to another - join Michelle to see how.

Reverse Applique Embellishment

Upgrading your garment may be a simple as adding reverse applique. Join Michelle in making single and double reverse applique circles framed with free-form stitching.